Plympton Primary School

Department for Education and Child Development

School Council

The School Council is the body elected annually that is responsible for the general oversight of the Educational Program and facilities of the school.

Any parent/caregiver or friend of the school may seek election to the Council at the Annual General Meeting, which will usually be held in February. All members of the School Community are welcome to attend school council meetings. In 2015 these are held on Tuesday evenings twice each term.

2015 School Council Members

Chris FEAR (Chair)                                  Zac (Rm 6) & Lachlan (Rm 2.4)

Simon MORONY (Deputy Chair)             Jack (Rm 2.5) & Ethan (Rm 13.8)

Julie HUTCHINS (Secretary)                   James (Rm 2.5) & Ryan (Rm 2.7)         

Liz AXEL (Treasurer)                               Mahni (Rm 2)

Gaurav VERMA                                       Saumya Rm (13.7)

Kara GILLIES                                            Tennyson (Rm 1)

Michelle WYE                                         Zane (Rm 13.1)      

Nat JONKERS                                          Jakoda Rm (13.8)

Nick GROSHENNY                                  Katherine (Rm 6), Marie (Rm 13.7) & Camille (Rm 2.5)

Nicole WILLIAMS                                    Scarlett (Rm 2.7)

Reshma BRIGAL                                     Shivaar (Rm 13.7)

Sam THOMPSON                                   Lachie (Rm 2.3)

Sandrine GATES                                      Samuel (Rm 13.1) Zoe (Rm2.3)

Sharon FIELDER                                      Phoebe & Samantha (Rm 2.1) &  (Rm 13.1)

Tim HARDY                                             Dyllon (Rm 2)

Vandana KASHYAP                                 Kashish (13.1)

Victoria McKINNON                                Harry (Rm 13.1)

Merryn JONES                                         Staff Representative

Tom O’CALLAGHAN                                  Principal